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Why We All Need to Invest in a Statement Ring

For inspiring confidence as you walk into a crowded room, to adding a touch of glamour to your fifth Zoom call of the day, a colourful statement ring is a surprisingly versatile investment.

Fine jewellery is highly sentimental; it can be a symbol of a particular milestone in your life, a reward for another successful year in your career, or perhaps there has always been a particular piece you always dreamed of wearing when you were a real grown-up. No matter the reason, fine jewellery has a place in every woman's collection, and if you are considering an investment post-pandemic, there is no better choice than a statement ring. Below, APS Jewellery provides all the justification you need to fastoon your fingers in some striking gems.

Jewellery - the only timeless accessory

It’s sad but true, your handbag is beautiful and chic this season, but by this time next year the bucket bag will have reappeared and your arm candy will be relegated to the depths of the wardrobe. Fortunately jewellery does not suffer the same fate, being a “slow fashion” industry, fine jewellery won’t date for decades, maybe even centuries. Just look at the Netflix hit shows The Crown and Bridgerton, yes they are all wearing designs from the 1800s, but would you say no to Princess Margaret's emerald earrings? We thought not.

Helena Bonham-Carter serving us an iconic emerald and diamond look

Say yes to a kaleidoscope of colour

Many people think of diamonds when considering luxury jewellery, but as engagement and wedding rings usually feature a colourless gem, it is likely you will be gifted or inherit a white diamond at some point, thus making a strong case for making your own investment a little more vibrant.

As Net-a-Porter so rightly argued, coloured gemstones are an important addition to any jewellery collection, as you can pick a colour which truly suits you. Much like your clothing, certain colours can be truly transformative, so it is worth exploring beyond the popular pirates bounty of blue sapphires and red rubies, to find the shade which works for your skintone.

“Our clients are often amazed at the varieties of gemstone colour available. Say a client has a love of lavender, or really suits Fuschia pink, we can absolutely find a precious stone in that shade. It is great to see people really expressing their personalities through their jewellery and creating vibrant, joyful accessories”
Paul Stewart, APS Jewellery founder.

Maximalist is minimalist

Yes, we all own approximately 60 thin gold stackable rings, which all have to be worn simultaneously to make any kind of sartorial impact. The cocktail ring however has the distinct advantage of being a stand alone piece, think of the classic white shirt and jeans combination, one kaleidoscopic statement ring and your day-to-day basics are instantly elevated. Also, for those of us whose wardrobe follows a dress code dark enough to rival Morticia Adams, the statement ring can add valuable injection of colour and personality without straying too far from our goth-inspired comfort zone.

Take the hint

One day someone else might want to buy you a beautiful ring, and they will probably need some guidance. As the APS jewellery team can confirm, the majority of men who wander into our jewellery store in search of their partner's dream engagement ring are pretty clueless. An advantage to owning a piece you have chosen yourself is your partner or friend can gain valuable insight into your preferred style and colours, rather than having to take a guess based on the somewhat eclectic range of jewellery you were gifted at 18.

APS TIP: If you want to be even more sure you will be gifted with a ring you *really* love, you can also point your partner in the direction of the jewellery company who made your statement ring, that way the jeweller working with your partner will already know your size and understand your personal style. Let's be honest, he will need the help.

Get inspired by our enviable statement ring collection here, featuring coloured gemstones, gold and drama.


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