Which gemstones are best for everyday wear?

Sample from APS Jewellery's Gem Collection

For those new to the science of gemology, there is one key fact to note, not all gems are created equal! Whilst most people may be aware diamonds are the hardest substance known to man, the average customer would struggle to assess the strength of a sapphire versus a pearl.

So which gems are suitable for day-to-day wear, and which are best left for date night?

Fortunately jewellers do use a fairly straight forwards scale of 1 to 10 for measuring a gems durability, known as the Mohs scale. A diamond, being the strongest jewel, is rated a 10, whereas a weak, less durable gem such as amber would be rated a 2.

APS Tip: For day-to-day wear, look for a gem with a durability rating of 7 or above on the Mohs scale.


An undeniably beautiful gem, appreciated for its iridescent sheen and smooth spherical shape, the pearl is a staple of high end fashion house Chanel and, thanks in part to the cinematic classic Breakfast in Tiffany's, pearls are considered the perfect option for those looking for a timeless and sophisticated piece.