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Certification & Sustainability  


At APS jewellery we are committed to becoming more sustainable in our practices and run our boutique jewellery studio in a socially responsible way.

All our precious materials are recycled, so there is minimal waste,  and any left over  gold is re-melted and gems are reused to create something new.

 APS jewellery specialise in bespoke designs and are delighted to remaster old jewellery and gems. We are dedicated to minimizing our impact on the environment, and believe an antique diamond has equal value to a new stone.

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APS Jewellery are proud to be accredited by the Jewellers Association of Australia. 

As a JAA member we are committed to following  the JAA Code of Conduct, which  sets out the highest standards currently available in the jewellery industry. We follow this code to ensure our clients receive a consistently exceptional service and product. From sourcing unique gems, to collaborating with customers to design a bespoke piece, we are dedicated to running our studio with honesty, courtesy and integrity.

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