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Wedding rings symbolise infinite unity. They are embedded with incredible sentiment and very special memories, and are often passed down from generation to generation.



At APS each wedding ring is designed and made uniquely and specifically for each client. We ​will design and create a wedding ring that you will love to wear every day. ​We use a range of high quality metals, styles and finishes. We work with white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold,as well as platinum and silver. We are also experienced at the Mokume Gane method. 

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Masculine Ring Design

For many men this will be the first and only ring they ever own, hence we want to create something comfortable and suitable for day-to- day wear, even if you work on a construction site.

A brushed metal exterior is a great way to make a ring appear more masculine and not too "blingy" for our more understated clients.

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Remodel Rose gold and diamonds

Unique Rings

From lasered fingerprints to diamond embellishments, we make rings as unique as our clients. 

Book a consultation to begin designing your bespoke wedding band

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