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Melbourne's finest bespoke and custom jewellery designers

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Paul Stewart, Head Designer and Jeweller

Prior to opening APS Jewellery in 2014, Paul was trained and mentored in high-end, luxury workshops in Melbourne and Sydney.

Paul's designs are heavily influenced by his love of Art Deco design, sacred geometric art, and coloured gemstones. His love of and interest in these styles come from decades of research and the time he has spent travelling, particularly his experiences with his extended family in Turkey.

Paul has a deep commitment to the art of handcrafting jewellery. Having inherited many of his tools from a retiring jeweller, his workshop comprises of tools that have been used for over 70 years, as well as newer, cutting edge technology in jewellery making. This brings together the old and the new, creating modern, yet classic works of art.

Paul lives in Melbourne with his wife Ela, and their two young boys.

Meet the Team

BILL - APS.jpg

Bill Mason, Master Jeweller

Master Jeweller, Bill has over 25 years experience in jewellery design and construction. Prior to working in the jewellery industry, Bill had intended to study graphic design, however after one module in jewellery, he was converted. Bill holds a BA in Applied Arts specialising in Silver and Goldsmithing from Monash University and has been trained and mentored by some of Melbourne's leading luxury brands.


Bill has worked for high end, luxury brands both nationally and internationally, including 12 years in Germany, where he developed a deep appreciation for the country's highly considered and precise approach to jewellery design.

APS Jewellery is a natural fit for Bill’s boundary pushing designs; utilizing innovative new technologies alongside traditional craftsmanship, Bill’s ambition is to create constantly unique pieces for his clients, making near impossible jewellery design appear seamless.   

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