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APS Approved Wedding Anniversary Gifts

We all know the classic anniversaries; ruby for forty years of matrimony, paper when you have just reached the 12 month mark. We at APS however felt things could be a little simpler, and a lot more personal, if we made a list of special gifts for all the wonderful years in between.

1st Anniversary: Gold

Traditionally, couples are considered to be finding their feet the first year of marriage, so rather than a more extravagant gift of gems or diamonds, a simple gold piece of jewellery is perfect. If you want an even more traditional take on the first year anniversary gift (or you are unsure what your partner would like), give your spouse a paper present, in the form of an APS Jewellery gift card.

Black Pearl Ring

2nd Anniversary: Garnet

3rd Anniversary: Pearl

4th Anniversary: Blue topaz or blue zircon

Art Deco APS Ring

5th Anniversary: Pink tourmaline or Sapphire

Pink tourmaline can come in a range of shades, from a soft blush to a vibrant fuschia, so it isn’t surprising this unique stone represents love.

6th Anniversary: Amethyst

7th Anniversary: Onyx, yellow sapphire

10th Anniversary: Diamonds or Sapphire

Diamonds are the traditional gift for a significant anniversary, but you can also celebrate a decade together with a less conventional gem choice; a deep blue sapphire.

15th Anniversary: Alexandrite

Alexandrite is the chameleon of the gem world, often described as ““emerald by day, ruby by night,” the stones diversity makes it an appropriate choice for fifteen happy years.

20th Anniversary: Emerald

25th Anniversary: Silver Jubilee, tsavorite, or green garnet

30th Anniversary: Pearl Jubilee

40th Anniversary: Ruby

50th Anniversary: Golden Jubilee

Celebrate half a century together with a stunning and rare gem, Imperial or Golden Topaz will be perfect for the occasion.

The rules are there to be broken!

If your partner doesn’t wear gold jewellery, or would love an emerald ring, take a break from tradition and buy your other half a gift they will treasure for many anniversaries to come.

Something Borrowed

Does your partner have a beloved piece of jewellery, perhaps inherited from their Grandmother or friend? At APS we can also restore or redesign an old piece of jewellery. From resizing a sentimental ring to creating a bespoke piece from the diamonds of a family heirloom, APS Jewellery can help you make your anniversary gift both beautiful and personal.


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