A piece of jewellery can tell a story for generations.


At APS Jewellery, we specialise in custom and bespoke jewellery, including custom designed and handmade engagement rings, custom wedding rings, and special occasion jewellery.

We encourage our clients to actively participate in the design process and with your ongoing input, we will create a special and unique piece of jewellery. 

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Most of our pieces are made once only. Our designs are unique and our craft is meticulous.


Whether its an engagement ring for your loved one, handmade wedding rings for your big day, remodel of an existing piece, or any other special occasion jewellery, we will design and craft something truly exceptional.

 APS understands jewellery should not only be beautiful, but also functional. We design wedding bands and accessories which will stand the test of time and are suitable for everyday wear, regardless of if your career is in accounting or construction.

Our fingerprint ring is a perfect example of the secret details APS are so proud of. You and your partner's finger prints create a dynamic pattern as unique as your fingerprint, but has a sleek understated exterior perfect for day-to-day wear.

High quality bespoke wedding rings 

Custom designed and handcrafted engagement rings

Special Repairs and Restorations 

Unique necklaces, earrings and rings designed and created in Melbourne

125 Auburn Road, Hawthorn Vic 3122, Australia

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