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Our Bespoke Process

At APS we take pride in creating bespoke jewellery that encapsulates your story. We offer a highly unique and personable experience, inviting you to take creative control in unearthing your dream ring. So how does our bespoke process work at APS?

Preparing for your consultation

Prior to your first design consultation, we ask that you have a think about your design inspiration and bring a series of images with you. It’s also useful if you can figure out your partner's ring size. If this isn’t possible, we offer a complimentary ring resize and adjustment to ensure your ring is the perfect fit. For some tips on finding out your partner's ring size without them knowing click here.

APS TIP: Creating a Pinterest board can be an easy and efficient way to consolidate your design ideas.

First Design Consultation

The first consultation will be hosted by our Head of Design, Paul Stewart. This is where design ideas, stone selection, time frames, and budget will be discussed. Throughout the design process, you will work closely with the designer, allowing the designer to gain insight into your unique style and preferences.

Second Design Consultation

During this stage, our head of design will present a series of concept drawings and a selection of stones. Once the final design has been confirmed we will provide you with a quote and a deposit will be taken. It’s important to note if there are any additional design alterations there will be a final design consultation.

The Design Process

Once the design has been reviewed and finalised, our jewellers will begin handcrafting your bespoke piece in our Hawthorn-based studio. While we aim to work around your timeline, the production process varies piece by piece.

The Unveiling

Finally, you will be presented with your bespoke piece. To accompany your piece, we will provide an independent valuation certification, gem certifications and we will also offer the opportunity to arrange Q Report Jewellery Insurance.

Ongoing Service

If your piece isn’t the perfect fit don’t worry a ring resize and adjustment is included in your engagement purchase. Alongside a ring adjustment, we also provide ongoing cleaning to ensure your ring remains in exceptional condition.

To book your first consultation, contact APS jewellery here.



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