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How to find your partner's ring size without them knowing

When gifting a loved one a ring, be it for an engagement or to mark a special occasion, sizing is vital. More than likely your lucky recipient will want to wear their gift straight away, so it is worth spending some time ascertaining their ring measurements...subtly of course!

APS Jewellery has been designing bespoke rings for 8 years, and have helped many uncertain friends and partners find the perfect fit. APS Head Designer, Paul, has shared his top tips for (secretly) getting the all-important ring measurement.

Ask a friend

If your ring is for an engagement; it is more than likely your partner's friends not only have a good idea of their preference in ring style, but also their sizing. Even if they are not certain of measurements, a close friend is much better positioned to ask to borrow a ring or take your partner jewellery shopping without arousing suspicion.

APS TIP: The average woman’s ring measurement is between K and N Australian sizing, if your friend advises a measurement dramatically different from this, it may be worth double-checking.

Something Borrowed

Another option to subtly find out your partners measurements is to borrow one of their rings. Ideally you should bring the ring to your atelier to measure, but if this isn't possible, try the ring on your own finger and remember which point on your finger the ring reaches (perhaps halfway down your index finger), from this your jeweller can give an estimated sizing.

If you would like an even more accurate measurement of your partner's ring size without having to leave your home, a complimentary APS ring sizer may prove useful.

APS TIP: When selecting a ring to measure, make sure to choose one they have worn recently or wear regularly, an old ring may no longer fit well, hence being relegated to the back of the jewellery box.

Bespoke engagement ring design by APS Jewellery

Consider your Design

The design of your ring can influence your ring measurements. If you are gifting a ring with a wide band, this will feel a little more restrictive on the finger, hence upsizing slightly might be worthwhile for comfort. On the other hand, a top-heavy design, such as the APS signature Cairo engagement ring, will need to fit a fraction tighter than usual, to prevent the diamond from twisting.

Don’t worry about knowing the technicalities of ring design and fitting, Head Designer Paul offers an in-store consultation where you can select from our range of unique Art Deco inspired rings or create a bespoke ring your recipient will love. Based on your concept for the final ring, Paul will be able to advise on any adjustments needed from your partner's usual size.

APS TIP: Ring size metrics vary globally, for instance American ring sizing is numerical rather than alphabetical. If you only know your partner's ring size using another metric system, APS Jewellers can convert the sizing for you.

There is a second chance

Should you still be uncertain of your partner's exact ring size, don’t worry, the band can be made larger or smaller if required. It is more than likely your lucky recipient would love an opportunity to see where their ring was made and speak to your jeweller about the design process, so a need for small alterations is not a disaster. At APS Jewellery we offer a complimentary resizing service and can also design earrings, necklaces and wedding bands to complement your original ring...ensuring you have birthday and anniversary gifts covered for years to come.

APS TIP: It can be difficult to get an exact sizing without telling your partner, hence APS Jewellery will create a slightly looser fitting band at first to ensure your partner can try on their new ring straight away. Remember, all APS rings can be easily adjusted at a later date for the perfect fit

To book your first consultation, contact APS Jewellery here.



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