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An APS Guide to Designing Your Bespoke Wedding Band

Symbolising infinite unity, wedding rings are embedded with sentiment. At APS Jewellery, each wedding ring is designed and made to encapsulate each client’s style and ultimately reflect each unique story. After sitting down with Paul, head of design at APS Jewellery, he has shared his top tips for designing your bespoke wedding ring.

Seek Inspiration and Establish Your Unique Style

The first step to designing your wedding ring is to seek design inspiration. While this step is important the APS bespoke team are here to assist in defining and curating a series of design ideas for you. It's also important to consider the aesthetic of your existing engagement ring to ensure both engagement ring and wedding band complement one another.

While looking at your existing engagement ring the APS bespoke team will consider the design of your engagement rings such as the profile, materials used and the setting to best determine a wedding band design that will work harmoniously with one another.


Establishing a budget is important as it will assist our bespoke team in providing a range of design options tailored specifically to your desired price point. It's important to keep in mind that different metals and stones can impact the price of your wedding band.


Traditionally, wedding band designs were of a minimalist style. However, in modern times we have strayed away from traditional aesthetics, embracing different cultural traditions and have the power to express our individuality through design allowing for a myriad of styling options. Thus, APS takes pride in creating unique one-of-a-kind pieces. Most importantly APS Jewellery believes a wedding ring shouldn’t appear as a jigsaw puzzle that’s missing its other piece, the wedding band should be aesthetically beautiful when worn by itself.

When thinking about the design elements of your wedding ring you want to think about the following elements:

Metal: APS Jewellery work with white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum. It's strongly advised that the wedding band is made using the same material and hardness as that of your engagement ring. This is to ensure that where the two rings touch one another, they wear down at the same rate and to reduce the level of wear and tear.

Width: The ring width refers to the thickness of the band, it refers to how the ring will appear when the ring is worn on your finger. If you have a contemporary style, you might opt for a wider band. If you have a minimalist style, you might opt for a thinner styled band. However, the width of the band is dependent upon the structural integrity of the piece.

Finish: The most common ring finishes are polished and satin.

A polished finish is the most classic option. Aesthetically, it has a shiny and smooth finish. Similarly, to a polished finish, a satin finish is smooth to touch however it has an elegant matte appearance as opposed to a shiny reflective appearance.

Left: Satin Finish Right: Polished


The profile of a wedding band refers to the shape of the wedding band, specifically it refers to the cross-section of a ring. There is a range of profiles it's simply dependent upon personal taste, some prefer a low half round profile while others like the look of a high-dome or knife-edge look for a unique aesthetic.


When looking at the setting of a wedding band typically the engagement ring setting will match the wedding band. For example, if your engagement ring features a grain setting for continuity and aesthetic purposes your wedding band will also use a grain setting. But of course, there are always exceptions to the rules.

Meaningful Touches

Adding unique design elements is the perfect way to add personal touches to your wedding band. From lasered fingerprints to diamond embellishments to meaningful engravings, the options are endless. Playing around with different stones and shapes is also the perfect way to elevate the look of a wedding band. As the engagement ring typically features the statement centre stone, smaller stones of varying shapes can be used to adorn your wedding band.

18ct yellow and white gold engagement ring featuring a pear cut emerald.


A matching men's wedder featuring a subtle emerald detail.

To start designing your bespoke wedding band click here to book an appointment.


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