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Engagement Ring Trends of 2022

It’s important to let your unique style and personality be encapsulated in your forever ring. While an engagement ring is a piece of jewellery that is designed to be worn forever, trends are consistently changing and for many can largely influence the design of your dream ring. Whether you are planning on proposing this year or simply seeking some design inspiration, we’ve composed a list of forecasted engagement rings set to dazzle a myriad of brides to be.

Pear and Oval Shapes

Thanks to high profile celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian, pearl and oval cut diamonds have become a highly desired diamond shape. If you’re a lover of the classic solitaire diamond but want a ring with character, an elongated shape such as a pear or oval diamond may be the perfect design for you offering an alternative aesthetic.

Yellow Gold

While there will forever be a place for white gold, in 2022 we predict many brides are shifting towards yellow gold. It’s no surprise there has been a resurgence in yellow gold as yellow gold engagement rings are both timeless and offer a vintage appeal.

Coloured Stones

While diamonds are a girl’s best friend, who’s to say a coloured stone such as sapphire or ruby can’t be? From Elizabeth Taylor’s cabochon sapphire ring to Lady Gaga’s seven-carat pink sapphire ring, brides are shifting away from the traditional diamond aesthetic and opting for bright-hued stones. If you’re opting for a coloured stone but not sure where to start, click here to book a consult with our head of design.

Art Deco

Characterised by bold geometric design and striking colours, the ethos of the art deco movement has made a rapid comeback. At APS a series of our designs are designed to capsulate architectural inspiration, such as the APS Art Deco style ring which features Violet Sapphires and Diamonds, making for the perfect ring for the lovers of vintage design.

Two and Three Stone Rings

An engagement ring featuring two or more stones can be referred to as Toi et Moi, translating to ‘you and me’. Not only is it embellished with sentiment, but also the two stone ring is a unique choice allowing wearers to express their individuality through varying-coloured stones and cuts. With thanks to A list celebrities such as Emily Ratajkowski, we predict the Toi et Moi will continue to rise in popularity.


There is no denying the aesthetic of the solitaire will forever be a timeless classic for centuries to come, offering a chic aesthetic. Consequently, it comes with no surprise that the iconic diamond solitaire is predicted to be a popular trend in 2022. If you’re wanting a ring that’s both simple and timeless the diamond solitaire might be for you.

To start finding your forever ring, click here to contact our bespoke team today.



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